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freeocean Product Outline
We are at the dawn of the Web 2.0 age. The product, freeocean, has drastically improved the complicated systems required for conventional network devices. With its simple, high-performance all-in-one packaging, installation space, operation, and management are considerably simplified while delivering high-speed, large-volume performance. For the coming Web 2.0 age, freeocean actualizes efficient system construction, flexibly and broadly supporting delivery of video, SNS operation, and blogs. Utilize freeocean for delivery of your NEXT information!
freeocean Spec
freeocean Features
High performance in a single unit, supporting 500,000 simultaneous connections
freeocean changes the concept of network devices. Only a single device can cover the system construction required for conventional load balancers, cache servers, and a group of Web servers. Because one freeocean unit can process up to 500,000 simultaneous concentrated connections, you are free of the conventional costs for outsourcing and the burden of construction and operation of systems combining load balancers with Web servers.
Provide high-speed and highly-reliable service with CPU + LSI processing
Conventional servers process data with a CPU based on an OS and store contents to hard disks, while freeocean uses an LSI for the engine, and processes details with a CPU, actualizing both high performance and solutions. For example, freeocean utilizes the advantages of an LSI to process Ethernet, IP, TCP, and HTTP and those of the CPU and hardware to process 10 million files. In addition, freeocean uses memory to cache contents, eliminating disk seeks and allowing high-speed responses even during random access.
Deliver high cost-performance at and after installation
TCO for load-free network construction and management is supported from a variety of different angles. Introducing freeocean brings the ideal system environment and enterprise benefits.
Space saving
freeocean integrates versatile functions into a compact size of only 1.5 U, substantially saving installation space for multiple conventional devices such as load balancers, cache servers, Web servers, etc.
Energy saving
The advantage of a highly integrated server results in a reduction in running costs. As operation is possible with one unit installation, power consumption is drastically reduced, leading to a significant reduction in electricity expenses. You donft have to care about a breaker on a rack anymore.
Reduced maintenance
For network devices in which continuous reliability is strongly demanded, the burden of operation and management on engineers and maintenance costs are increasing daily. The freeocean all-in-one package releases engineers from the obligation to manage many conventional load balancers, cache servers, and Web servers and reduces maintenance labor.
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